About the Center for Experimental Lectures:

The Center for Experimental Lectures is an artist's project that provides a platform to engage with the public lecture as a format. The Center for Experimental Lectures commissions new lecture performances with hopes of providing occasions to focus on not only the content and format of each unique lecture but also the possibilities of the lecture as a creative platform.  

The Center for Experimental Lectures was started in 2011 by Gordon Hall, and since then has commissioned 31 new lecture performances at a variety of venues including Alderman Exhibitions (Chicago), Recess (NYC), MoMA PS1 (NYC), The Shandaken Project (Shandaken, NY), The Shandaken Project at Storm King (New Windsor, NY) and at the Whitney Museum of American Art presenting   Seminars with Artists   in conjunction with the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Starting in 2016 Joseph Lubitz joins Gordon Hall as an organizing collaborator at the CEL. An archive including video and written transcripts can be found on our archive page.  

Read:   Staging Professionalization by Mashinka Firunts. Performance Research Vol. 21, Issue 6: On Radical Education. Dec 2016.  

Gordon Hall by Emily Zimmerman. Bomb. May 2014.    

Tcherepnin and Cox Lecture Experimentally at Recess. Matthew Shen Goodman. Art In America. January 2014.  

Experimenting with Fire; Gordon Hall in Conversation with Joseph Teeling. V Magazine, March 2013.  

To contact the Center for Experimental Lectures, please email  info@experimentallectures.org

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